For one of their projects, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development requested a series of exhibits that would exemplify the beauty and progress of infrastructural development in the UAE. As a way of representing this, we developed the following media concept.

This is a media table that uses two projectors to display various map data holding key infrastructural information (such as roads, buildings, electrical lines etc.) over time. A small rotational button at one of the table corners will be programmed to respond to an audience member who will be able to cycle through various moments in the UAE’s infrastructural history.

My task was to both design the physical table, its style, and dimensions. This involved numerous sketches and attention to the exhibition space, as well as extracting any open street map data to present a most recent iteration of the UAE’s infrastructure. The image above is of a 1-1 scaled printout that was used to present to concept to the ministry.

Initial Sketching

Open Street Map Extraction

Designing in Illustrator



August 24, 2018