I came to New York for a semester and hoped to gain some connections with artists and their processes. But my biggest goal for this semester has been to learn 3D modelling and its intricacies.

I began taking a workshop that gives us access to some online tutorials on the basic functions of Rhinoceros 3D, a modelling software. I was confused, as my mind had been set on learning software such as Blender, Maya, or Cinema 4D, and had never come across Rhino. I decided to enrol for 2 reasons, 1) to learn the basics of modelling so that I can translate such skills to other software, and 2) because, after some digging, I found that the software seemed to have a good reputation.

The course content was very helpful in teaching the basics of the interface and how to think in 3D, of which I was completely unaware coming in. But my curiosity was in building. So I began by modelling objects around me to start applying whatever theoretical knowledge I was assimilating.

Task 1: Scissors

Task 2: Headphones

Task 3: Fidler crab

October 9, 2018