I was asked to design a tattoo that narrates the personal history of a character within a short film “Dreaming Fish”. Formed as an undergraduate thesis, the film was meant to explore the relationship between a girl and her father, who died, and with whom she would spend her time fishing.

The tattoo, which I designed, is meant to represent the fleeting nature of her time with her father, in contrast with the permanent effects of their relationship. The magical realist fish dances through the hook, an object meant to ensnare and harm it. The fish representing time; and the ineffective hook representing the inability to grasp it. Together the work, which finds itself on the forearm of the character, encapsulates her connection to her father and the past, and her commitment in moving forward and growing.


Below is a short video of my drawing process for this work. I began with a series of sketches finalize my concept. Once I found a desirable composition, I moved to my laptop to finalize the design in Photoshop.

March 21, 2018