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Can you make a baby in space? We may know in 2024: 'Humanity needs a backup plan'

The babymaking lab will spend a week in low orbit where human conception will be put to the test in simulated gravity environments that mimic Earth, the moon and Mars.

At least 22 toddlers sickened by lead in 14 states linked to tainted applesauce pouches, CDC says

Children ages 1 to 3 were affected, and at least one child showed a blood lead level eight times higher than the level that raises concern.

I kicked my pregnant 17-year-old daughter out of the house so I can enjoy my retirement: 'Not fair to us'

A mom asks if she's in the wrong for kicking her daughter out so she can enjoy her retirement.

I gave birth on the side of Jackie Robinson Parkway — my baby slid right out

She gave birth in a New York minute — and on the side of a New York City highway. 

I pulled my autistic son’s hair and I feel like an awful parent

A parent confessed on Reddit after a stressful incident ended with him pulling his mostly non-verbal autistic son's hair.

Mom desperate to change baby's inappropriate name after moving to English-speaking country

"I want to fix it while he's only three. He'll be bullied for it very soon because it sounds so inappropriate."

Woman with double uterus pregnant in both as 'crazy' case baffles OB/GYNs

"OB/GYNs go their whole careers without seeing anything like this," Dr. Shweta Patel said.

Mom who posed as child to text student crisis line 'sickened' by responses

A Colorado mother and parental rights advocate was horrified by the responses she received when she posed as a 9-year-old to text a state crisis line promoted in schools.

My 8-year-old's teacher sent him home with humiliating punishment for missing school

The boy was made to find words in a word search puzzle related to his absence -- such as excuse, graduate, responsibility, and success. 

Babies are getting sick from exposure to salmonella in recalled pet food: FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall of Victor brand pet food after six infants were sickened.

Mom's terrifying find in 7-year-old son's bedroom has us feeling itchy all over

A mother has been left puzzled by a weird discovery at the foot of her 7-year-old's bed.

Dior launches luxury skincare for babies with $230 'scented water': 'First step into fragrance'

So this is how they get their baby soft skin? Dior has launched a new line of infant skincare, including a $230 fragrance and $115 moisturizer.

Parents welcome 14-pound baby, the largest on record since 2010

"I never thought in a million years [he’d] be 14½ pounds," Chance Ayres said.

My daughter is being bullied because I won't let her wear makeup to school - she's only 10

While I am fine with Ava taking an interest in fashion and playing around with style because I can tell she is genuinely interested in this area, the makeup I...

Newborn syphilis cases have 'skyrocketed' in last decade, CDC warns

More than 3,700 babies were born with syphilis in 2022 — over 10 times the number reported in 2012. "Too many people are not being tested and treated early enough...

'Bris' for short: An American couple slammed for Aussie city baby name

An American couple expecting triplets shocked their followers after revealing they were naming one of their babies after a major Australian city.

My kids saw my husband and I having sex -- I think they're traumatized: 'Will there be a baby soon?'

Joanne and Morgan have a full house: three kids aged seven, three and six months, and a fourth on the way, so any private time – to go to the...

I grew up with a 'no pants mom' is that normal?

A woman has been horrified to hear of adult offspring disturbing their mom's privacy, and has asked, "What age do kids stop coming in while you pee? Is this normal?"

Parents leave baby with car dealer so they can test-drive a car

"That's some insane collateral," someone joked on the hilarious clip. "Definitely coming back for that, right?!"