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The shameful nods to antisemitism from Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson

Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson know exactly what they’re doing. 

Debate proves it's time for three to step aside and let DeSantis and Haley spar to take on Trump

Five candidates took the stage, the far and away frontrunner wasn’t among them, and only two that did are viable challengers to Donald Trump’s hold on the nomination.

Biden & Obama are wrong: Hamas, not Israel, is responsible for every civilian death in Gaza

It took days for former President Barack Obama to comment on Hamas’ barbaric terror attack in southern Israel this month, but now his cup overfloweth with convictions.

GOP finally grows a spine as it rejects Jim Jordan for House speaker

On Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan lost his status as speaker-designate after his candidacy failed on the House floor for the third time in four days.

Media parrots Hamas' lie without question -- and Jews suffer for it

Palestinians lift Hamas and Fateh flags as they protest in Nablus city in the occupied West Bank.

Hamas is betting the West will quickly forget its atrocities and obsess about Israel's response

Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians have died since Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Nikki Haley is right: The attack on Israel was an attack on America too

Haley submitted that Hamas’ attack on Israel “should be personal for every woman and man in America.”

Commie Chicago to have state-run grocery stores instead of a solution to its crime crisis

Brandon Johnson and his ilk have it backwards — it’s the lawlessness that’s the cause of the food deserts, not the other way around.

Progressives outraged by Sen. Kennedy reading explicit kids' books should put a sock in it

Sen. John Kennedy’s recitation of a pair of explicit passages from two books school districts across the country are scrutinizing was the focus of much progressive outcry this week.

Crime in DC is driving my girlfriend and me to flee the nation's capital

In the 12 months we spent in Washington, my girlfriend would often remark to me that she felt like we were living inside of a ticking time bomb.

Canada's crazy, unneighborly LGBT travel advisory for America

Those laws, and the culture that allowed them to pass, constitute a far more serious threat to a vulnerable group’s happiness and well-being than any legislation in the United States....

Ron DeSantis was winner of the first 2024 Republican debate -- the man best suited to unseat Trump

And even if he didn’t go for the kill on Wednesday, DeSantis demonstrated a willingness – and ability – to take Trump on.

Why force Trump's rivals to pledge to support him when he won't do the same?

The Republican National Committee’s demand that its presidential hopefuls pledge to support the winner of the party’s nomination in 2024 to participate in primary debates was always ill-conceived.

Biden's Hawaii response follows familiar pattern: Ignore, deny, then claim he's done a great job

It’s all too easy — and oftentimes gross — to use natural disasters to attack incumbent political opponents. No official boasts dominion over earth, wind, fire or water. Yet in...

Urban progressives blast unsafe cities they created with soft-on-crime policies, 'failed leadership' they begged for

The capital of the most powerful and prosperous country to ever grace Earth is an unpleasant — even unlivable — place to call home.

Jussie Smollett still hasn't apologized for his hate-crime hoax — why isn't he in jail?

Jussie Smollett, the privileged actor who fooled Kamala Harris and so many others into believing he was the victim of a violent hate crime, is a free man. Why?

Disgraceful defenders of Biden’s casual cruelty to his staff

Joe Biden's angry fits don't prove he's with it, just that he's a bully (as he always has been).

Media is the one 'politicizing' the Supreme Court, by treating only certain rulings as legitimate

Whether it’s laziness or malice or just pure partisan brain worms that’s the cause of this misleading coverage, those in a position to remedy it have a responsibility to do...

DeSantis will beat Trump on COVID — unless he blows it

As early as March 2020, Trump worried aloud that heavy-handed “cures” might be more injurious than the disease itself, expressing his sincere hope that the country might reopen by Easter.

This verdict will hurt Trump more than some backers think

Tuesday’s verdict and the character flaws it reflects will catch up with Trump at some point in the 2024 race. Republican voters must decide if they’ll be victimized by them.