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Dentist says this health habit is destroying your teeth: 'This is contradictory'

Dr. Ellie Phillips, a dentist based in Austin, Texas, posts educational videos to her TikTok account, where she has 219,000 followers. 

NYC mom, 38, who announced own death planned final, touching act for strangers

Her story first melted hearts around the world on Tuesday when her X and Instagram posts broke the news of her death to many.

Get your COVID, flu and RSV shots before Thanksgiving: health experts

The flu "is not just a cold. It is a serious disease that can land you in the hospital and sadly, kill people, too,” said one health expert.

Shop the top adult toy brands you can buy online to spice up 2023

Spice things up in 2023, solo or coupled up. 

Here's how many pounds people expect to gain before the end of the year

Three-quarters of Americans are planning to enjoy the end of the year and not worry about their diet — up from just half last year, according to a new survey.

Woman shares safety tip after terrifying encounter

"He just gave me bad vibes," explained Mary Alice, 25.

Brooklyn mom, 38, announces own death in tragic Instagram post: 'I knew how deeply I was loved'

"A note to my friends: if you’re reading this it means I have passed away," Casey McIntyre, 38, wrote.

What to eat — and what to avoid — to ward off dementia

Medical researchers are discovering how everyday foods can contribute to the risk of declining brain health and dementia.

Why everyone is eating dumplings to lose weight

Boxes of dumplings are flying off the shelves at supermarkets. But are they really as healthy as everyone says?

Spending the night in an emergency room puts older adults at higher risk of dying in the hospital: study

Patients over 75 were more likely to die or have adverse health events if they stayed overnight in the ER.

Which late-night snacks are healthy? A dietitian weighs in

If you find yourself on the hunt for a bite to eat after dark, dietitian Susie Burrell advises you to plate up one of these options.

'Cricketing' could help you fall asleep faster — and it's backed by science

Sleepyheads aren’t staying silent about “cricketing."

Diabetic dad claims Ozempic left him fighting for his life with blocked intestine: 'Be very careful'

Wilson "Bo" Muhlheim, 79, said he was prescribed the injectable late last year to help manage his Type 2 diabetes.

ER nurse who committed suicide called US health care system her ‘abuser’ months before her death

Tristin Kate Smith, a 28-year-old Ohio nurse, wrote a scathing letter to her "abuser" five months ahead of her August 2023 suicide.

This is the worst week for seasonal affective disorder — how to survive it

The condition affects about 5% of US adults, while another 10% to 20% suffer milder winter blues, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

What is the New Mayo Clinic Diet? How it works and what to eat

"It doesn’t feel restrictive at all to me,” said one dieter, who lost over 40 pounds in six months. “I like that freedom.”

Do home remedies prevent COVID-19? Experts weigh in

Researchers found that patients with COVID-19 who gargled with saltwater and did nasal rinses had lower hospitalization rates compared to those who did not use the home remedy.

These activities can greatly improve your heart health -- and sitting isn't one of them

Adults are sedentary for an average of 9½ hours each day, studies have shown — and all that sitting could be putting people's heart health at risk.

Doctor reveals weird toilet position to help you poop when constipated

She said the pooping hack she displays in the video is a “kind of self-massage, helping the stool to come out faster and easier.”

US men are dying 6 years before women: Study reveals 'worrisome trend'

Prior to the pandemic, unintentional injuries, diabetes, suicide, homicide and heart disease were the main factors in expanding the life expectancy gap.