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Kids transforming gift lists into powerpoint presentations for the holidays

As the holidays get closer, Generation Z and Generation Alpha kids are not playing any games regarding their Christmas wish lists.

FedEx semi blocked by cars as dozens plunder packages

A FedEx tractor-trailer was blocked by several cars in a Memphis, Tennessee, intersection before dozens of people pillaged the back of the truck for packages, leaving boxes discarded.

This fruit may reduce dementia risk: study

University of Cincinnati researchers claim that eating strawberries every day could help reduce the risk of dementia for certain people of middle age.

How you can see NASA astronauts drop tool bag

Skywatchers and stargazers might see something new among the stars, planets and galaxies.

This type of bread is now trendy, experts say

Some chefs say that sourdough, the carbohydrate star of the COVID lockdown for people who baked bread at home, is no longer in.

6 things customers should stop doing at McDonald's

A quick bite to eat at McDonald’s is usually because you want a fuss-free feed that will keep everyone happy.

Snake hunters catch 17-foot python

Another day, another behemoth serpent rearing its head amid Florida’s Burmese python invasion.

What to know about the recall of three popular dog foods

Three popular dog food products have been yanked from shelves in retail stores across America over fear they were contaminated with salmonella.

What does this hidden button on airplane seat do?

A flight attendant for TUI Airways in the UKis sharing an “airplane hack” for travelers looking to be more comfortable in the aisle seat.

Why you should never trust a hotel safe according to TikTok

A TikTokker has revealed why you should never put your valuables in what should be the most secure place of a hotel room – the safe.

Travis Kelce 'punts' trick-or-treating neighbors away with security guard

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift apparently dressed up for Halloween… as the couple in the neighborhood which doesn’t hand out candy.

The shocking way to to make your password stronger

On a computer, it turns out that emoticons are considered a symbol, which can beef up your passwords and make them more secure in combination with letters and numbers.

Food that need to be refrigerated — but not everyone does

There’s a bevy of foods that may not seem like they should be kept cold, but experts say that putting them in the fridge is a surefire way to maximize...

World’s tallest wooden skyscraper is set to rise in Western Australia

Down Under, a cloud-scraping pillar of a building has received the go-ahead from local authorities in Western Australia.

Best Halloween costumes of 2023

Whether you opt for her hot pink cowgirl ensemble or the sweet pink-and-white gingham dress that’s signature to her character, you’ll be dazzling to the nines.

5,000-year-old wine found in Egyptian queen’s tomb

Sealed jars of wine from 5,000 years ago have been discovered in the tomb of a woman believed to be Egypt’s first female pharaoh, SWNS reports.

Rite Aid files for bankruptcy

Rite Aid filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Sunday as the US chain pharmacy began massive restructuring to reduce its mounting debt amid countless lawsuits and dwindling sales.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce enjoy romantic night in NYC

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were all smiles as they were spotted holding hands while exiting The Waverly Inn in the West Village on Sunday night.

Is this evidence of Bigfoot in Colorado?

A couple on a romantic break in Colorado claims to have captured the mythological creature Bigfoot on camera, wandering on the side of a mountain before sitting down to rest...

How to tell if you're over-responsible

Too much of a good thing can be bad — and being responsible is no exception.