Pro-Palestinian group shares ‘reprehensible’ antisemitic map of NYC targets on social media

A pro-Palestinian activist group shared a frightening map of New York City newsrooms, businesses and landmark buildings — and called for “direct action” to “globalize intifada.”

In addition to news buildings, Within Our Lifetime, which describes itself as a Palestinian-led community organization, also called for followers to target the offices of technology companies

“Each of the locations on this map reflects the location of an office of an enemy of both the Palestinian people and colonized people all over the world. Today and beyond, these locations will be sites for popular mobilization in defense of our people,” the sickening Wednesday night post read.

“May this map serve as a call for every struggle to act in their own interest. As we do so, we uplift one another’s struggles and free Palestine from the river to the sea,” it continued, repeating the Palestine Liberation Organization mantra adopted by Hamas that calls for the eradication of Israel.

The controversial post has since been deleted.

“As Mayor Adams has said repeatedly, hate has no place in our city,” a City Hall spokesperson said. “We are continually monitoring multiple channels to identify any potential threats to New York City. The NYPD is aware of a social media post urging ‘direct action’ towards several institutions in the city and is deploying resources to protect public safety at these locations. But to be clear, threatening businesses and organizations and referring to them as the ‘enemy’ is exactly the kind of hateful rhetoric that seeks to divide New Yorkers, but it won’t work, because we are better than that.”

The Post has blurred this image. The group posted maps detailing locations around NYC.

The group, which boasts 121,000 followers on Instagram, did not specify why the locations should be targeted, or what kind of action should be taken, but New York lawmakers have denounced the map, insisting violence is implied. Intifada is Arabic for a rebellion or uprising.

Democratic Bronx Rep. Ritchie Torres warned on X Thursday that the messaging was an example of “Coded calls for violence against Jews” … ” that are “proliferating on social media.”

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, also a Democrat, wrote that it was “dangerous and reprehensible.”

“This is clear incitement against a group of predominantly Jewish institutions, based on the trope that they are ‘enemies’ of ‘colonized people all over the world.'”

In a statement to The Post Thursday, Levine added: “I reject this hateful language and am grateful that the NYPD is taking this threat seriously.”

Councilman Keith Powers, who represents Manhattan Midtown — home to several landmarks on the group’s list — wrote on X that the list was an “unacceptable invitation to senseless violence.

“I strongly condemn it & have reached out to the local NYPD,” the Democrat wrote.

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, the executive vice president of the NY Board of Rabbis described the map as “a message that glorifies physical attacks against Jews.

“Intifadas are targeted attacks on Jews,” he told The Post. “The hatred of the heart leads to hatred of the hands.”

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that the department was aware of the disturbing map.

The group posted maps detailing locations around NYC. The Post has blurred these images.

A City Hall spokesperson said the NYPD is deploying “resources to protect public safety” at the locations listed on the map.

“Threatening businesses and organizations and referring to them as the ‘enemy’ is exactly the kind of hateful rhetoric that seeks to divide New Yorkers, but it won’t work, because we are better than that,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Within Our Lifetime also hosted a “peaceful rally” in Washington Square Park to “demand an end to the current genocide and to call out universities who are complicit in it.”

The park is in the shadow of New York University, which was sued on Tuesday by three Jewish students for allegedly creating an atmosphere of “pervasive antisemitic hatred, discrimination, harassment and intimidation”

On Wednesday night, the group promoted an “emergency protest” outside CUNY School of Law in Long Island City, Queens.

Protestors gather at Columbus Circle during a pro-Palestine rally on Friday, November 10, 2023 in New York, N.Y.
James Keivom

The demonstration protested the “last-minute cancellation” of an event called “Fighting Against Complicity in Genocide.”

As pro-Hamas and anti-Israel protests continue to erupt at college campuses across the nation, a new poll found that more than one in five college students support Hamas in the conflict, nearly as many as those who side with Israel.

The five boroughs also saw a 214% surge in anti-Jewish incidents last month as Israel pounded the densely populated Gaza strip with air strikes in retaliation for Hamas’ sneak attack on Oct. 7, which killed 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians.

The death toll in the disputed region had surpassed 11,000, according to Hamas officials, who don’t differentiate between civilians and militants.

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