Israel war 2023

Biden signs temporary spending bill averting government shutdown, pushing budget fight into new year

The spending package keeps government funding at current levels for roughly two more months while a long-term package is negotiated.

'Doxxing truck' blasts names and faces of Yale's 'leading antisemites' near Ivy League campus

A Pro-Israel “doxxing truck” broadcasting the names and faces of “Yale’s Leading Antisemites” arrived at the university’s New Haven campus on Thursday, according to the school newspaper.

The shameful nods to antisemitism from Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson

Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson know exactly what they’re doing. 

Meet the American millionaire Marxists funding anti-Israel rallies

The pro-Palestinian protests over the last month are funded in large part by an uber-wealthy American-born tech entrepreneur, Neville Roy Singham, and his wife, Jodie Evans.

Why TikTokers are fawning over Osama bin Laden

Massive TikTok influencers are racking up millions of views on videos openly praising the writings of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, calling them “mind-blowing” and “eye-opening.” 

Think Osama bin Laden is trendy TikTokers? Try #Talibanlife

Gullible young women on TikTok fall hard for Osama bin Laden's 9/11 propaganda. Here's one solution.

Pro-Palestinian group shares 'reprehensible' antisemitic map of NYC targets on social media

A pro-Palestinian activist group shared a frightening map of New York City landmarks on social media.

The Palestinian refugee ‘crisis’ is a United Nations-perpetuated myth

The UN Relief and Works Agency has a history of hiring staff with connections to terrorist organizations while its schools erase Israel from maps, teach antisemitism and provide cover for...

The week in whoppers: MSNBC bizarrely blames Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden gaslights about inflation and more

MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the "biggest obstacle" to Israel and Palestine having a two-state solution.

Anti-Israel protests on US college campuses are 'gaslighting Jews,' says deputy mayor of Jerusalem

Jerusalem's deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum had a stern message for American college students rallying in support of Hamas: Quit the gaslighting and start thinking critically.

Body of Hamas hostage Judith Weiss discovered near al Shifa hospital

Israeli soldiers found the body of a 65-year-old Hamas hostage Judith Weiss and a terror tunnel entrance near the struggling al Shifa Hospital Wednesday.

UPenn chairman mired in antisemitism flap will have Israeli boss

Scott Bok – who has fended off calls to resign from UPenn’s board from deep-pocketed donors including Jon Huntsman Jr., Edgar Bronfman Jr.  and Ron Lauder – is CEO of...

Megyn Kelly blasts Gayle King for interview with Israeli dad of Hamas hostage: 'Show some damn sensitivity!'

Kelly reacted to an interview King and her CBS Mornings co-anchor Tony Dokoupil conducted on Wednesday with Thomas Hand, an Ireland native who immigrated to Israel more than 30 years...

Pro-Palestinian protesters harassed NYC supermarket staff, defaced Israeli section: Jewish owner 

Morton Williams co-owner Avi Kaner said some of his cashiers ere intimated by Pro-Palestinian protesters who defaced their Israeli product section following a call to protest their store near Columbia...

University of Florida graduate student banned from campus for slicing through the word 'Israel' on a banner at Jewish fraternity

Simon Nicolas Lowry, 24, is facing two misdemeanor criminal mischief raps for cutting through the word "Israel" on a banner reading "AEπ stands with Israel" hanging in front of Alpha...

Wilco frontman's pro-Israel son says he left Sarah Lawrence College after becoming 'pariah' over views

The Chicago native is a history and music major at Sarah Lawrence, but he is opting not to return to campus after years of social ostracism.

High school shown 'propaganda in favor of Hamas' that called Oct 7 attacks 'retaliation' by Amnesty International affiliated group: report

The Arizona superintendent compared the pro-Palestinian presentation to Ku Klux Klan racism.

Legal Aid Society denounces union's 'antisemitic' resolution amid 'simmering' internal turmoil

The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys is due to vote Friday on the resolution, which denounces Israel's "colonial apartheid occupation" of the Gaza Strip.

Photos of Israeli hostages held in Gaza found on laptops in Al Shifa hospital: IDF

The Israeli army's raid on Al Shifa hospital in Gaza has turned up alleged evidence of Hamas activities.

John Oliver's HBO show went dark in Israel because of 'technical mishap': TV firm

An Israeli satellite television company on Thursday blamed a technical glitch for the reason it did not not air the most recent episode of John Oliver’s HBO show -- in...