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I tried to cook at home to save money but the cost of groceries had me floored

“I just spent $46 on lasagna ingredients, and I already had half the ingredients,” she said in a TikTok video. “I should just be getting Macca’s everyday.”

McDonald's worker shares exactly how burgers are made — and the secret codes they use

They’re putting the "fast" in fast food.

Restaurant owner accused of 'guilt tripping' diners who ordered tap water: 'Wild behavior'

"You can have just tap water but please remember we're running a restaurant, not a charity — wink, wink, we need to make money," the Danish restaurant menu read.

NYC's Le Bernardin nabs No. 1 spot on list of world's best 1,000 restaurants

La Liste’s recognition of Le Bernardin followed the Michelin Guide’s recent renewal of the restaurant’s coveted three-star rating.

Today is Starbucks Red Cup Day — here's how to get your free reusable cup

The day to get your free reusable Starbucks Red Cup is finally here, and customers can't wait to get their hands on them.

Businesswoman defends her $7K cheese board: 'I'm very confident'

A Los Angeles business owner has defended charging $7,000 for a fancy charcuterie board after she was called a "scam artist" for the costly cheese board creation.

Pizza chef reveals sneaky hack for 'stealing' customers' slices without them realizing

A hungry cook had pizzamongers on edge after exposing his sneaky slice heist.

The simple hack for keeping avocados fresh longer as grocery prices increase

Let's face it - avocados turn mushy faster than cost-of-living prices climb. Yes, they're delicious, but nursing them until they're at the perfect level of ripeness is a delicate dance.

NYC restaurant serves instant ramen — that you have to cook yourself

It's real home cooking —- sort of.

What is the New Mayo Clinic Diet? How it works and what to eat

"It doesn’t feel restrictive at all to me,” said one dieter, who lost over 40 pounds in six months. “I like that freedom.”

This cleaning hack gets rid of unsightly orange stains in food storage containers

"It’s insane how well this works."

McDonald's fans shocked to learn Sweet ’N Sour Sauce's secret ingredient: 'Ruined'

It's not necessarily been a big secret, but some people are not lovin' it after this reveal.

The holiday season really is the worst time of year for dieting

During the holiday season, 75% find themselves eating more often throughout the day and 76% find their eating habits also changing more often throughout the day than any other time...

Krispy Kreme giving out a free dozen donuts today for World Kindness Day

There's nothing kinder than free donuts!

How long can you really keep Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge?

With the holidays up ahead, most people will have an excess of food in the house left over after Thanksgiving and beyond.

Consumption of this popular fruit may reduce dementia risk: study

University of Cincinnati researchers tracked the participants' long-term memory, mood, and metabolic health over the 12-week study.

This grocery chain is doing away with self-checkout — the reason why might surprise you

“We pride ourselves on great customer service and you can’t do that through a robot,' Booths CEO Nigel Murray said.

From salmon to shark, here are the best and worst fish for your health: experts

Fish is often hailed as a nutritional heavy hitter — providing a slew of health benefits. Not every type of fish, however, is a slam dunk from a nutritional perspective.

Here's how many cookies most people eat during the holiday season: poll

Half of Americans have attended a holiday party specifically for the treats and desserts, according to new research.

Sourdough is out — but this type of bread is now trendy, experts say

Ancient grains — they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.