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Influencer twins, 30, are so similar they even fool their husbands

“Most people think it’s amazing we are so close and we have a built-in best friend to do every stage of life with," Stephanie Buckman explained.

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Suspicious singles on social media are sharing their shimmery trick to reveal their partners' fidelity, including some who successfully caught their lover sparkle-handed.

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What makes someone like Patrick Dempsey so sexy? Well, experts say it boils down to genetics, charm, and a bit of personal preference.

NYC dating app jerk offers to ‘casually’ stay in touch until woman loses weight

The red flags were immediate -- and as glaring as his shiny bald head, says a woman who went out with the "Shallow Hal."

I was shocked to find out my husband cheated on me — with my mom

An Idaho mom said there were big red flags about their illicit relationship, but she ultimately ignored the signs — because she didn’t want to believe it was happening.

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While we resign ourselves to the great indoors this winter, I'm here to tell you — hibernation can be hot.

Is watching TV a good first date? Most people think so, poll finds

A survey of 5,000 Americans who stream (100 per state) found when it comes to streaming and romance in real life, nearly six in 10 (57%) people polled across all...

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