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Biden signs temporary spending bill averting government shutdown, pushing budget fight into new year

The spending package keeps government funding at current levels for roughly two more months while a long-term package is negotiated.

'Architect' in plot to kill Miami car designer for top Hollywood celebs learns his fate

“I want this guy to see his last day in a cell.”

High school football coach fired for holding baptism service for 20 of his players after a practice: 'Religious coercion'

A Georgia high school football coach is out of his job after footage posted to social media capturing him holding a baptism service for 20 of his players, local news...

Hunter Biden interviewed by special counsel investigating his father’s handling of classified material: reports

The president himself was interviewed by Hur in October, over the course of two days at the White House. 

Columbia, Cooper Union among 7 schools under federal probe for antisemitism, Islamophobia: report

Columbia, Cornell and Cooper Union are among seven schools being investigated by the Department of Education over complaints of alleged incidents of antisemitism and Islamophobia, according to a report.

'Kelce' becomes top trending dog name in 2023 amid NFL star's romance with Taylor Swift

"Whether the name is silly or serious, most pet parents are influenced by names that remind them of their favorite things or trending pop culture moments."

Cassie's husband Alex Fine shows support after model accuses ex Sean 'Diddy' Combs of rape, physical abuse

Cassie and Sean "Diddy" Combs began their on-and-off-again relationship in 2005 when she was 19 and the rapper was 37.

Homeless man sentenced to 27 months in prison for attacking Rep. Angie Craig in apartment elevator 

The homeless man who attacked Democratic Rep. Angie Craig in her Washington, DC, apartment building elevator earlier this year was sentenced to 27 months in prison on Thursday. 

Soldier, husband and two kids found dead in Fort Stewart Army house

The bodies of a female soldier, her husband and their two children were discovered at the on-post Fort Stewart property.

'Doxxing truck' blasts names and faces of Yale's 'leading antisemites' near Ivy League campus

A Pro-Israel “doxxing truck” broadcasting the names and faces of “Yale’s Leading Antisemites” arrived at the university’s New Haven campus on Thursday, according to the school newspaper.

Biden DOJ defends ban on drug users owning guns — as Hunter faces comparable charge

The DOJ is urging a federal appeals court to uphold the conviction of a student who admitted to using marijuana while owning guns — in a case that could impact...

Florida's anti-drag law -- and Ron DeSantis -- dealt a blow in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Thursday prevented Florida from temporarily enforcing a law that would punish venues for allowing children to attend drag shows. The ruling is a blow to Republican...

Alaskan couple skates over surreal crystal clear 'ice window' that formed over lake

Luc Mehl and Sarah Mehl Himstad glided over the crystal clear Rabbit Lake in Alaska as an "ice window" formed due to dry and cold weather.

Teamsters boss willing to meet senator after near-brawl: 'I'll wear football gear'

Teamsters general president Sean O’Brien is willing to sit down with the senator who nearly lunged at him this week, but the labor boss would probably don football gear.

US at 'key decision point' in its support of Ukraine as top general says war with Russia at 'stalemate'

About 96% of US funds allocated to Ukraine have been spent, leading to squabbles in DC while Kyiv's counteroffensive stagnates and winter approaches.

Think Osama bin Laden is trendy TikTokers? Try #Talibanlife

Gullible young women on TikTok fall hard for Osama bin Laden's 9/11 propaganda. Here's one solution.

Justin Theroux turns up in NYC court in bid to evict 'nuisance' neighbor

"This is a fairly cut-and-dry case. Their time at the co-op has come to an end," Theroux's lawyer said of the actor's downstairs neighbors.

Anti-Israel protests on US college campuses are 'gaslighting Jews,' says deputy mayor of Jerusalem

Jerusalem's deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum had a stern message for American college students rallying in support of Hamas: Quit the gaslighting and start thinking critically.

Weiss convenes Los Angeles grand jury in Hunter Biden case -- issues subpoena to first brother James: report

Special counsel David Weiss has convened a grand jury in Los Angeles and issued a subpoena to first brother James Biden as part of his investigation into first son Hunter...

RFK Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy hold backstage chat on 'military industrial complex' during crypto event

The two White House hopefuls met backstage at the North American Blockchain Summit, where both candidates were slated to speak at the two-day Fort Worth, Texas, conference.