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I held a sign to ask New Yorkers to be my friend — I was shocked by what happened next

"I came to New York with a preconceived idea," Thompson told The Post. "I mean, New York has a bit of a reputation — if you Google 'unfriendly cities,' it’ll...

American Airlines pilot's heartwarming farewell speech after 32 years of service brings passengers to tears

A video of this longtime pilot’s emotional speech on his final flight after 32 years of flying has brought people to tears.

Vietnam broadcast helped homesick troops — and inspired Robin Williams

"Imagine the troops groaning when they were greeted with 'Goooood morning, Vietnam,'" says the author of a new book.

95-year-old friends reunited in NYC eight decades after Nazi attack separated them

Eighty-five years later after the Nazis' Kristallnacht attack up-ended their lives, Evelyn Konrad and Ruth Zimbler share fears about growing antisemitism.

Millennials, Gen Z still prefer physical greeting cards over digital ones

Who says snail mail is dead? Overall, more than half (54%) of Americans say they still mail their greeting cards versus sending via digital and social platforms.

Beloved anchor Tamsen Fadal steps out from behind the desk at PIX 11 — here's where she's headed next

After 15 years of bringing the news to New Yorkers, the local icon is ready to make headlines of her own.

Gen Z, millennials struggle with 'adulting' more than their parents did: poll

Of young adults surveyed between ages 18 and 34, 55% said it's "much harder" to buy a home, 44% said it's harder to find a job, and 55% said it's...

Rare photo of full circle rainbow captured from police helicopter

It’s not often you come across this natural phenomena – but crew on-board a police helicopter got an up close and personal view.

Survivors of Paradise, Calif. fires reflect on recovery and rebuilding five years later

Five years later, some survivors are sharing their stories freely and managing their post-traumatic stress enough to return to Paradise to help make something new.

American Humane announces its 2023 Hero Dog Award recipient: Maverick, the 150-pound therapy dog

Meet Maverick — the 150-pound therapy dog who took home the top prize.

Mom rescues daughter as 104-mph winds shatter window in footage caught on baby monitor

"It felt like something was going to go wrong, and then the glass all came in."

I get paid $150 an hour to cuddle — I'm solving the loneliness crisis for men and Gen Z women

While her clientele is mostly comprised of married men between the ages of 40 and 60, she’s recently noticed an influx of Gen Z women seeking out her non-sexual snuggles...

Most think holiday season starts too early — 'Christmas fatigue' is real: survey

It's beginning to look a lot like overkill. The day after Halloween is often seen as the start of the holiday season -- but many have mixed opinions on when...

Researcher claims suspicious footprints, boar 'ripped f--king clean in half' proves existence of Australia's Bigfoot

An Aussie “yowie expert” claims an eerie clip of a wild boar sliced in half and giant “footprints” in remote Queensland proves the creature exists.

'Unexpected' origin story of Egypt’s Great Sphinx found by NYU researchers

“Our findings offer a possible ‘origin story’ for how Sphinx-like formations can come about from erosion,” a researcher revealed.

Cold weather could have helped cause the Salem Witch Trials

"Salem is known as the Witch City, but in fact, it's symptomatic of a much larger problem that, it's kind of a timeless crime that every society has escaped from."

White House hosts 'Hallo-READ' trick or treating despite dreary conditions

Gray skies and drizzle added a spooky element and books were as abundant as candy at Halloween eve trick-or-treating that President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden hosted at...

Gen Zers want 'simpler' lives — and are moving to the mountains to get them

Forget the twinkle of big city lights — Gen Zers are moving to a home on the range, according to new data.