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IBM suspends ads on X after ads appeared next to pro-Nazi content: 'Unacceptable situation'

IBM said Thursday it had immediately suspended all advertising on Elon Musk-owned X after a report found its ads were placed next to content promoting Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

I'm a therapist — here's why video gaming isn't always a red flag in a partner

"Justice for the gamers," she captioned an explanatory video with more than 26,000 views.

Elon Musk sparks backlash after endorsing antisemitic post that Jews promote 'hatred against whites'

Elon Musk found himself in hot water after endorsing an antisemitic post on X saying Jewish communities promote "dialectical hatred against whites" as "the absolute truth."

YouTube requiring disclosure of AI-generated content, adding labels

YouTube is adding new rules surrounding content generated or manipulated by artificial intelligence, including labeling requirements.

Rupert Murdoch says News Corp focused on 'opportunities and challenges' posed by AI

News Corp CEO Robert Thomson noted the company has “led the quest for compensation for content from the big digital platforms."

TikTok completely banned in this country due to threats to 'social cohesion'

Nepal, with a population of over 30 million people, has banned TikTok, effective immediately, due to its threat to social order.

Tesla allowed to ban factory workers from wearing union T-shirts: court

The electric vehicle maker adopted its uniform policy in 2017 amid an organizing campaign by the United Auto Workers union.

Google unveils new AI weather forecaster — and it may be better than your old app

“It’s very, very exciting to know we can generate global predictions that are skillful, really cheaply,” said Maria Molina, an AI-centered research meteorologist at the University of Maryland.

How Meta got busted for harming teenage girls, boosting cartels and more misdeeds

On a December afternoon in 2020, Wall Street Journal reporter Jeff Horwitz drove to Redwood Regional Park, just east of Oakland, Calif., for a mysterious meeting. For months, he’d been...

Are AI faces 'more human' than real ones? See if you can tell the difference

AI is fooling people into thinking real faces are fake — while machine generated portraits are mistaken as truly human.

Google CEO Pichai grilled over record-keeping at Google Play trial

Epic's counsel is seeking to prove its belief that Google has maintained an illegal monopoly over the Android app marketplace through its “Play” store.

Big Tech loses bid to toss lawsuits alleging social media platforms harmed children

The decision covers hundreds of lawsuits filed on behalf of individual children who allegedly suffered negative physical, mental and emotional health effects from social media use including anxiety, depression, and...

Lauren Sánchez makes Jeff Bezos look absolutely ridiculous in Vogue spread — and 100 times more interesting

Unlike victimized Meghan Markle, Lauren Sánchez seems to know how fortunate her life is — and she and Jeff Bezos are enjoying every second of it.

Military mental health is focus as AI training simulates real conversations to help prevent veteran suicide

Artificial intelligence is working to save the lives of America's heroes.

Google will start deleting many Gmail accounts soon — is yours safe?

The company is scheduled to delete troves of accounts as a cybersecurity initiative that goes into effect on Dec. 1. Here's why — and what you should do before then.

How to help older relatives steer clear of internet scams

Last year, consumers of all ages were scammed out of $8.8 billion. And older adults lost the most money compared to other age groups, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Google witness accidentally reveals company pays Apple 36% of search ad revenue

Google's top lawyer reportedly "visibly cringed" at the reveal.

Tesla owners can't resell Cybertruck without $50K penalty — and banishment

Customers who purchase Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck are stuck with the futuristic vehicle, whether they like it or not, thanks to an ironclad clause in its buyer's agreement.

Amazon cuts 180 jobs in games unit -- one week after layoffs in music unit

The games division offers free streaming versions of many video games like Doom and Roblox, as well as some Twitch channels.