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Frontier Airlines drops price for 'all-you-can-fly' annual pass

The company is also offering an "early Black Friday promotion," which includes free Frontier Miles Silver Elite status throughout 2024. 

Scared of flying? Here's the best seat to sit on a plane to overcome your fear

A frequent flyer shared which special seat will help anxious aviators overcome their fear of flying.

I'm sending my DNA to the moon when I die — why $13K space burials are skyrocketing

That's one small strand for man.

Giddy up! The holiday adventure to book based on your zodiac sign

Why do some among us crave the cortisol spike of adventure while others prefer more peaceful pastimes? Do the stars incline us to flying high or lying low? Read on...

Woman’s gross 'Bali belly' clip goes viral: 'It's so painful'

If you’ve traveled to Bali, chances are you have heard about Bali belly.

This metro-area airport has the most flight cancellations in US, study warns

Flapping one’s arms might be a Big Apple traveler’s best bet this season — because the area's other two major airports did not fare much better.

Plane makes emergency landing after bird encounter left aircraft engulfed in flames: 'Moment of terror'

"We panicked, we thought we were going to die,” one passenger recalled.

Horse forces plane to make emergency landing after breaking free in cargo hold

A Belgium-bound flight was forced to return to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York after a horse got loose in the cargo hold and started to run amok.

Rule the waves in an overwater villa on a private Panamanian island

Honeymooners looking for this watery escape have generally had to trek far and wide to find it, to the Maldives, or South Pacific islands.

Get your wedding kicks in retro motels and vintage lodges

"It’s a great place to have a party," Suzannah Powell said. "A lot of my guests were strangers or tourists [to the area], so I loved the idea of being...

Forget June: Couples are opting for snowy, romcom-inspired weddings

Hallmark is a hell of a drug and thanks to the popularity of the network’s annual onslaught of Christmas romcoms, a growing number of brides are shunning spring or summer...

A wedding in ruins? Head to the church by this historic Panama hotel

For something truly different, a wedding in the ruins of a 300 year church in Panama City might suit.

I'm a flight attendant — all the sneaky ways flyers try to get into first class

Think flirting with a flight attendant will help you score first-class seats on the fly? Get your head out of the clouds.

Pet cockatoo stuck at airport for months: 'We want Charlie home'

"He has been banging his head against the cage wall and crying for me," Jess Adlard said.

American Airlines passenger with first-class seat downgraded so off-duty pilot could sit

The aggrieved passenger claims she was told that the seat was "broken" and that's why she had to be bumped.

Fed-up Sedona residents begging hippies to stay away: 'Hate what it's become'

"Whatever their motivation, people keep catching 'the red rock fever' — adding to traffic," one Arizona author lamented.

These weather patterns could spell disaster for Thanksgiving travel

A more active pattern is expected across the U.S. as millions of Americans prepare for Thanksgiving travel.

Here's how many people plan to travel for the holidays this year: poll

This holiday season is sure to be a big one, as new data reveals that Americans who are celebrating the winter holidays will partake in over 10 gatherings this year. 

Rude passenger blocks neighbor's TV screen during long-haul flight

The clip shows the fidgeting fingers as they pick their nails and poke around the TV display.