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How to make rainbows from your rage — during this week's rare Mars cazimi in Scorpio

A cazimi is something of a solar amplifier, where the inherent energy of a planet is hyped and heightened by its proximity to the sun.

Giddy up! The holiday adventure to book based on your zodiac sign

Why do some among us crave the cortisol spike of adventure while others prefer more peaceful pastimes? Do the stars incline us to flying high or lying low? Read on to learn more.

Here's the genre of music that sings to your zodiac sign

In honor of the sounds that were and the songs to come we bring you a list of the zodiac signs as musical genres. Tune in and turn it up.

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Scorpio season is for nightmares — decoding the 10 most common dreams

It's November, and we are cauldron-deep in the season of the witch.

National Cliché Day: What stereotypes embody your zodiac sign?

Each year on Nov. 3, the tried, the mostly true and the oft-repeated get their due on National Cliché Day.

National Sandwich Day: Here's which tasty ’wich embodies your zodiac sign

Every year on Nov. 3, we salute the humble handheld that's fed union workers and monarchs, latchkey kids and late-night drunkards.

November 2023 horoscopes: Sex, death and darkness before dawn

Welcome to November folks. With the trees bare, the sunlight waning and cuffing season cuffing we have a month of intrigue, intensity and illuminations ahead of us.

This is the zodiac sign most likely to believe in ghosts

In honor of Halloween and our time honored traditions of veneration and avoidance of the dead, here's how the zodiac signs relate to the supernatural and specifically, ghosts.

What famous witch are you based on your zodiac sign?

From history, myth, folklore and fiction, we are casting an eye (of newt) toward witches that embody the archetype of each zodiac sign.

You should stay home for Halloween due to lunar eclipse, astrologer warns

Gather ’round, friends, foes and familiars: I have a word of warning and a damper to deliver this spirited weekend.

National Black Cat Day: Why does the mysterious feline get a bad rap? 

More omen than an animal, the black cat maintains a position of suspicion alongside Friday the 13th, sidewalk cracks, broken mirrors and tails-up pennies. But why should that be?

Here's how to celebrate Halloween based on your zodiac sign

All Hallow's Eve is upon us and with it a litany of ways to wile away the dark hours of the most haunted day of the year. While pagan practitioners...

Full Hunter's moon lunar eclipse spells chaos and closure

Cue the chaos and the closure. A full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus is on the rise.

How to use a Ouija board — your guide to communing with the dead safely this Halloween

With Scorpio season in full swing and the veil between life and death at its most threadbare, many a curious soul will be seeking communion with the dearly departed.

Food to eat based on your zodiac sign — from pineapple to pickles

National Food Day is Oct. 24.

It's National Nut Day — what kind of nut are you, based on your zodiac sign?

Time to consume the seeds and pods that proliferate from the trees that loom above us.

Feng shui fail: 5 ways your Halloween decor is bringing in bad energy 

What if our Halloween home decor is inviting the ghosts of bad vibes to take up residence?

Forget couple's costumes — dress up with your dog this Halloween

If you're in the market for a lifetime of love and loyalty, then get yourself a fur baby my babies. Preferably a rescue and definitely the kind that will allow...

Astrology explains Will and Jada's complicated but 'Worthy' coupling

Here is what the stars reveal about the synastry of this power couple.

Here's the pasta that aligns with your zodiac sign

Fork and spoons at the ready and gluten gluttons on your marks; it's National Pasta Day. In honor of the glory of sauce and starch we bring you our list...

What liqueur are you based on your zodiac sign?

Pour one out for National Liqueur Day, here is the boozy spirit that aligns with your zodiac sign.

'Ring of fire' solar eclipse will rattle us all — here's why you should embrace it

The annular solar eclipse is opening portals and eating the light of the sun on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Monday is canceled: An astrologer's guide to the days of the week

Revolt against the toxic tyranny of Mondays, my friends.