Hamas terrorist who paraded Shani Louk’s body has been killed by IDF and is ‘roasting in hell forever,’ rabbi says

The Hamas terrorist who spat on and paraded the naked body of fun-loving tattoo artist Shani Louk through Gaza has been killed by Israeli forces, according to a rabbi who said the “monster is now roasting in hell forever.”

The 22-year-old German Israeli woman’s mother told a top rabbi that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had killed the terrorist who defiled her daughter, who became the face of the Oct. 7 massacre.

Ricarda Louk revealed “in her public conversation with me that the Hamas terrorist monster who parades her naked body around Gaza, defiling her in the name of Islam, and screaming Allahu Akbar, was killed by the IDF,” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote on X.

“That monster is now roasting in hell forever as will the other Hamas savages who perpetrated this massacre,” added the TV host and author, who has been dubbed “America’s most famous rabbi.”

In a separate post, he wrote that Louk “was actually murdered after being tortured, and who knows what else.

The Hamas terrorist who spat on and paraded the naked body of tattoo artist Shani Louk through Gaza has been killed by the IDF.
Louk was beheaded by Hamas, Israel’s president has said.
Facebook/Avivit Nissan

“Hamas are evil incarnate. They are the Nazis of our time. Whoever denies, after witnessing what they did to this poor innocent woman, that Hamas does not need to be completely destroyed is immoral,” he said.

The rabbi’s claims have not yet been officially confirmed. The IDF did not immediately respond to messages Thursday.

Late last month, Israeli President Isaac Herzog confirmed that DNA found on a piece of skull matched Louk, who was paraded through the streets of Gaza after the terrorists attacked a music festival near Kibbutz Re’im on Oct. 7.

Officials confirmed Louk’s death after her DNA matched a piece of a skull that was found.

Her dad, Nissim Louk, later said she was killed immediately at the festival, where more than 260 people were slaughtered.

“She enjoyed herself until the last moment,” he said. “She was killed on the spot and not only did she not suffer, 10 minutes earlier she was still enjoying herself.

“Shani was a beautiful girl who loved to dance. Everyone loved her. She was very smart and witty. That’s how I want her to be remembered,” he said.

Nisism Louk speaking about his daughter’s murder.

Nissim added that images from her abduction initially sparked hope that she might be injured but still alive and that a German source even reported that she was being treated in a Gaza hospital.

Louk, whose body has not been found, had lived in Israel but spent part of her childhood in Portland, Oregon, where she attended kindergarten at the Jewish Portland Academy.