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NYC Mayor Adams is sticking us with the hefty migrant crisis bill

Mayor Eric Adams and those elected officials who demanded more and more migrant spending are now suggesting we all suffer the same cuts. 

The shameful nods to antisemitism from Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson

Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson know exactly what they’re doing. 

With the Ukraine war in a stalemate, it's decision time for Biden

If Ukraine does not regain its legal, internationally recognized territory — in large part due to the West’s fecklessness — President Biden must think carefully about what comes after the...

Meet the American millionaire Marxists funding anti-Israel rallies

The pro-Palestinian protests over the last month are funded in large part by an uber-wealthy American-born tech entrepreneur, Neville Roy Singham, and his wife, Jodie Evans.

Why TikTokers are fawning over Osama bin Laden

Massive TikTok influencers are racking up millions of views on videos openly praising the writings of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, calling them “mind-blowing” and “eye-opening.” 

Showing up for Israel: Letters to the Editor — Nov. 17, 2023

NY Post readers discuss the march supporting Israel’s counterattack against Hamas in Washington, DC, this week.

The Palestinian refugee ‘crisis’ is a United Nations-perpetuated myth

The UN Relief and Works Agency has a history of hiring staff with connections to terrorist organizations while its schools erase Israel from maps, teach antisemitism and provide cover for...

The week in whoppers: MSNBC bizarrely blames Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden gaslights about inflation and more

MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the "biggest obstacle" to Israel and Palestine having a two-state solution.

Eric Adams' plan to slash the NYPD budget and shrink the force is a betrayal and a disaster for NYC

Mayor Eric Adams plans to slash the NYPD's ranks down to 29,000 officers by the end of fiscal year 2025.

As he hosts China's Xi, Biden delivers pitiful 2024 reelection platitudes that Republicans can't seem to beat

It took the arrival of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping for San Francisco to finally clean the filth off the streets — at least temporarily.

Remembering my late friend Maryanne Trump Barry

This week Donald lost his older sister Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, 86. I knew her well. We visited one another, dinnered together. We once lived in Fifth Avenue’s same building.

Campus antisemitism shows it's time to track the foreign cash flowing into US universities

Since 1986, US universities have received at least $11 billion from Arab states.

Hochul is about to sign the Clean Slate Act — putting more New York lives in jeopardy

Gov. Kathy Hochul plans to sign the Clean Slate Act which will automatically seal records after 3 years for anyone who committed a misdemeanor and after 8 years for anyone...

DSA pols like AOC aren't sorry about pushing antisemitism — they just did it again

The NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America's slur of the March for Israel rally as a "Pro-Genocide March" shows just how disgusting they really are.

Fresh evidence of anti-Israel bias at State Dept. that Biden and Obama enflamed

100-plus staffers at State and US Agency for International Aid signing a memo blasting Biden for “spreading misinformation” on the Israel-Hamas war claim Israel is holding Palestinian “hostages.”

The truth about inflation, no more ceasefires for Hamas and other commentary

“The most important thing to remember about inflation and politics right now,” notes the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, is that “inflation is going down, but prices are still going up.”

To weaken Iran, exploit the tensions within its 'axis of resistance'

The Iranian regime aspires to regional hegemony, and to achieve this goal it arms and finances a network of terrorist armies throughout the Middle East, including Hezbollah and Hamas.

Crushing standards and more: Letters to the Editor — Nov. 16, 2023

NY Post readers discuss the New York State Education Department’s proposal to make Regents exams optional.

Mayor Adams' crazy scheme to have parents be school security guards

The Adams administration just ditched a new class of rookie school-safety officers — and Hizzoner says maybe parents should step in and take up the slack. Talk about your intersectionality!

California kid's brush with wokeism over fake 'blackface'

A California middle schooler was falsely accused of wearing blackface over game paint. Wokeism has now become institutional, and it needs to be rooted out.