It’s obvious to all that Biden is too old for the job

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll out Wednesday finds that 54% of Americans think President Biden no longer has “the competence to carry out the job of president.”

One look at the soon-to-be 81-year-old president’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping tells you why. A stooped handshake, blank stares at the conference table, his stammering press conference … Biden is slower, more feeble and mentally not all there. Media apologists try desperately to convince us otherwise, but we all have eyes, ears and a TV.

So his team makes sure we don’t see. Biden keeps banker’s hours, with almost no interaction with the press that isn’t stage-managed and telepromptered. Just keep this “Weekend at Bernie’s” presidency going until the election, at all costs.

America deserves better. At the summit, Xi said the world was big enough for both China and the United States, but just because two superpowers aren’t at war doesn’t mean they don’t clash. We are in competition with China for resources, for influence, for economic security and ideological freedoms. The Chinese have a plan. Do we? Biden doesn’t even know how to get off a stage.

Chinese President Xi Jinping waves as he meets with U.S. President Joe Biden at Filoli estate on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, in Woodside, California, U.S., November 15, 2023.
The majority of Americans believe Biden isn’t competent enough to be president.

All Biden gained at this summit was a half-hearted promise from China to crack down on fentanyl. We need someone with the energy and ambition to achieve more.

That same poll finds that Donald Trump would beat Biden in the next election, 44%-42%. Is that what Democrats want? Yet the president refuses to admit that he needs to decline to seek re-election.

The klaxons are blaring, the sirens are flashing, everyone sees it … except the man who needs to.