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‘Rage Room’ owners sound alarm on sex trend among pent-up customers

Owners and managers of "rage rooms" across the U.S. are warning that a growing number of customers are engaged in sexual acts within the confines of their facilities.

Restaurant owner accused of 'guilt tripping' diners who ordered tap water: 'Wild behavior'

"You can have just tap water but please remember we're running a restaurant, not a charity — wink, wink, we need to make money," the Danish restaurant menu read.

Can you survive an apocalypse? Poll reveals who thinks they're 'top dog'

According to survey-takers, the ideal “survival team” they’d build to get through the apocalypse includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (43%), Chuck Norris (36%), Superman (33%), John Cena (26%) and MacGyver...

'Beautiful' beetle with penis shaped like bottle opener gets named after a beer

Meet the Loncovilius carlsbergi, which measures about 1 centimeter in length and has 1-millimeter-long genitalia.

I'm obsessed with the early 2000s — I even gave my house a Y2K makeover

“I love a girly fem look, which includes anything pink, flowers, hearts and butterflies."

I'm sending my DNA to the moon when I die — why $13K space burials are skyrocketing

That's one small strand for man.

'Crying' Virgin Mary statue with tears 'flowing' down her cheeks stuns churchgoers

Mary reportedly drew throngs of skeptics and believers alike to the site, with many pilgrims claiming that it was a sign from God.

Mysterious buzzing keeps small town up at night for weeks on end

Residents in this small town in Northern Ireland are tired of a mysterious, persistent humming that’s been plaguing them for weeks.

Pizza chef reveals sneaky hack for 'stealing' customers' slices without them realizing

A hungry cook had pizzamongers on edge after exposing his sneaky slice heist.

NJ model who strutted down runway at open-casket funeral defends tribute: 'My final walk for you'

"I think we sent Vernest off the way that he would have liked, and that's really all that matters," the model explained.

Huge cobra invades golf course in terrifying video

The massive cape cobra -- one of Africa's deadliest snakes -- can be seen slithering onto the course with its hood flared out in an aggressive posture.

Plane makes emergency landing after bird encounter left aircraft engulfed in flames: 'Moment of terror'

"We panicked, we thought we were going to die,” one passenger recalled.

McDonald's fans shocked to learn Sweet ’N Sour Sauce's secret ingredient: 'Ruined'

It's not necessarily been a big secret, but some people are not lovin' it after this reveal.

Horse forces plane to make emergency landing after breaking free in cargo hold

A Belgium-bound flight was forced to return to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York after a horse got loose in the cargo hold and started to run amok.

Influencer twins, 30, are so similar they even fool their husbands

“Most people think it’s amazing we are so close and we have a built-in best friend to do every stage of life with," Stephanie Buckman explained.

Long-lost continent of Argoland found after 155M-year disappearance

The mystery of a landmass that broke from modern-day western Australia and drifted to sea has been solved after 155 million years.

Bizarre 'naked' creature freaks out visitors to Google Street View: 'Creepy'

The image showed the critter with elongated limbs seemingly sprinting across a field like an interstellar streaker.

Pet cockatoo stuck at airport for months: 'We want Charlie home'

"He has been banging his head against the cage wall and crying for me," Jess Adlard said.

NASA astronauts drop tool bag during spacewalk — here's how you can see it

Skywatchers and stargazers might see something new among the stars, planets and galaxies.