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New videos show Alec Baldwin firing prop gun, practicing firearm safety on 'Rust' set just days before fatal shooting

Newly released videos from the set of “Rust” shows Alec Baldwin firing prop guns and speaking with the crew about firearm safety -- telling a person to move away from...

'Ted Lasso's' Juno Temple grew up in the original Michael Myers 'Halloween' house

"Ted Lasso" star Juno Temple said that she had grown up in the home that was said to be owned by the family of the famed fictional serial killer Michael...

Gwyneth Paltrow re-creates her most iconic film character looks for Goop ad

In a video promoting her lifestyle website Goop’s holiday gift guides posted to social media on Tuesday, Gwyneth Paltrow re-created the looks of some of her most beloved movie characters.

Why Jennifer Lawrence and Jena Malone filmed nude 'Hunger Games' scene separately

"So I think we were just winging it and trying to get as much as we could get, because it was [shot] in a real hotel." — Jena Malone

‘Napoleon’ review: Another Joaquin Phoenix looney tunes performance as Ridley Scott offers ho-hum biopic

Depicting one of the most consequential figures in all of European history as a sourpuss clown who crazily rattles off nonsense is a brow-raising choice by Ridley Scott, screenwriter David...

Glen Powell reveals Tom Cruise's unapologetic acting tips — and goes nude in photo shoot

"What is a leading man? What is a leading woman? I don’t know—it’s not a thing." — Glen Powell

Jacob Elordi slams 'Kissing Booth' franchise as 'ridiculous': You're 'dead inside'

"I didn’t want to make those movies before I made those movies." — Jacob Elordi

Anne Hathaway, 41, was told her 'career would fall off a cliff' at age 35

"The thing that has evolved during [that time] is that more women are having careers deeper into their lives, which I think is fantastic." — Anne Hathaway

‘The Marvels’ flops at the box office, marking a new low for the MCU

Reviews weren’t strong (62% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and neither was audience reaction. “The Marvels” is only the third MCU release to receive a “B” CinemaScore from moviegoers, following “Eternals”...

'The Marvels' take the box office Friday with $21.5M in ticket sales

"The Marvels" was tops at the box office in its premiere Friday night.

Watch Kevin Bacon recreate 'Footloose' dance to celebrate the actors' strike ending

He’s kicking off his Sunday shoes.  The historic actors’ strike ended on Wednesday, and to celebrate, Kevin Bacon, 65, posted a video of himself on social media recreating his iconic...

'Deadpool 3', 'Captain America 4' among Marvel release date changes

A multitude of Marvel projects have pushed back their release dates following the end of the actors strike.

'Brad Pitt's smile and Jennifer Aniston's eyes': How SAG-AFTRA fought against AI with new deal

The biggest battle at the end of the actors' strike was studios using AI to create "zombies" reanimating dead actors, or to use features from living actors, like Jennifer Aniston's...

Actors who refused to film cheating storylines, including Matthew Perry

When it comes to creating drama on screen, nothing fans the flames and ignites a blaze of sweet, sweet contention faster than the introduction of the archetypal cheating storyline.

'Venom 3' release date pushed to late 2024

The 2024 movie schedule is about to get shaken up.

'Succession' alum Brian Cox accidentally signed on for a reality show: 'I thought it was the new James Bond'

"So I said, ‘Oh, finally they’re getting me in a James Bond movie.'" — Brian Cox

What superpower would you have based on your zodiac sign?

Put on your cape, ready your leotard and get amped to vanquish the forces of evil my babies, we're talking superheroes, superpowers and a film franchise that refuses to die....

'The Marvels' is the worst MCU movie yet

If you thought “Eternals” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” were low points for the limping Marvel Cinematic Universe, strap in for the ride to abject misery that is “The...

Tour ‘Elf’ film locations in NYC to celebrate its 20th anniversary

On the 20th anniversary of "Elf," there will be a tour of the filming locations from Will Ferrell's iconic Christmas movie.