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National Geographic reveals 2023's most stunning pictures of the year

The 29 photos — selected from a whopping 2 million images by a pool of 165 photographers — are available for viewing in the magazine's December 2023 issue.

Influencers earn more money on sexy sponsored posts — here's how much they're paid

A study of the world's most popular Instagram influencers has uncovered that those who flash their flesh are paid more for promotions, proving sex really does sell.

I'm sending my DNA to the moon when I die — why $13K space burials are skyrocketing

That's one small strand for man.

'Glitter doesn't lie': How sparkly substances can help you catch a cheater

Suspicious singles on social media are sharing their shimmery trick to reveal their partners' fidelity, including some who successfully caught their lover sparkle-handed.

OnlyFans rival Fanvue bets on porn’s fake future — meet Emily, the site’s hottest, eerily real AI model

The AI-generated beauty brought in $10,000 during her first six weeks on a subscription-based content site.

Influencer hoping for hot pic running with horses suffers epic fail: 'Dangerous and stupid'

Can we all agree that horsing around for social media clout isn’t a wise decision —Yay or Neigh?

Another woman got a forehead tattoo of her boyfriend's name — but revealed it was for clout

The 24-year-old was dragged by social media users for allegedly paying nearly $90 to get her boyfriend's name tattooed on her forehead.

What is the 'uncanny valley' makeup trend — and why is it creeping everybody out?

The hashtag #uncannyvalleymakeup has 41.5 million views on TikTok.

Millennial 'beige Christmas' is over — Gen Z wants gaudy holiday nostalgia

Aggressively sterile minimalism at home is no longer acceptable for Gen Z, who long for the Christmas kitsch of blinding multicolor bulbs and mismatched ornaments seen prior to the new...

Gen Z's scrunch face replaces millennials' duck face as latest bizarre selfie trend 

"You know how we always go through the phases of the faces every girl makes? This is what it is right now."

Move over 'girl math,' make way for 'mother-in-law math' — but watch out, this one can be toxic

Janelle Riddle, a mom-of-two and communication coach based in Canada, has gone viral on social media listing sometimes hilarious examples of the trend.

Mom, 50, knocks out her son's ex-girlfriend in cage fight match

In a battle of two unlikely foes, Małgorzata Zwierzyńska, the 50-year-old mother who goes by the name Gosia Magical, took on Nikita Alokin, 19, in a postlim fight during CLOUT MMA...

Jupiter is at its brightest this week — how to get the best views

The opposition phenomenon happens only once every 13 months. Next year's will be on Dec. 7, 2024.

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has been picked — everything to know

"I had driven to the other tree and took a slow road back, and saw this one," Rockefeller Center head gardener Erik Pauze said.

Massive Loch Ness Monster sighting 'made me jump out of my skin,' shocked tourist says

A Loch Ness Monster hunter, aptly named Sash Lake, claims he spotted the genuine animal artifact and that it was massive.

‘Insane’ Bali road goes viral

There’s an Instagram-worthy road located in the tourist hotspot of South Kuta in Bali that is dividing the internet, with some calling it a “death trap”.

I went thousands into debt to become an influencer — it could have ruined me

Her life must have seemed perfect on social media — but in reality, she was addicted to a life of luxury that pushed her into debt.