Kirsten Fleming

Kirsten Fleming

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Kirsten Fleming is an award-winning senior features reporter and occasional columnist, who has covered the intersection of sports and broader culture — from the youth level to the professional ranks. She has interviewed some of New York City’s biggest athletes and wrote the preeminent piece on pop culture icon, Fudgie the Whale. Kirsten graduated from Providence College with a degree in history.

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Think Osama bin Laden is trendy TikTokers? Try #Talibanlife

Gullible young women on TikTok fall hard for Osama bin Laden's 9/11 propaganda. Here's one solution.

Hamas took one brother hostage. The other is telling his story —and rebuking callous poster-rippers

Gal Gilboa-Dalal's younger brother Guy, 22, was taken by Hamas 15 minutes after they took a selfie together. His heartbreaking story is a rebuke to the morally-bankrupt poster-rippers.

Lauren Sánchez makes Jeff Bezos look absolutely ridiculous in Vogue spread — and 100 times more interesting

Unlike victimized Meghan Markle, Lauren Sánchez seems to know how fortunate her life is — and she and Jeff Bezos are enjoying every second of it.

These US vets aren't giving up on the Afghan fighters who saved their lives — only to be left behind

Non-profit Badger Six is helping 30 families of Afghan translators, drivers and others who assisted and, in some cases, fought alongside US Green Berets and the CIA during the War...

Bravo's 'Real Housewives' are turning on their Dr. Frankenstein, and no one should be surprised

Andy Cohen is the Dr. Frankenstein of Bravo — having created fame-hungry reality TV monsters who have now turned on him in the big "reality reckoning."

Robert De Niro finally has a comedy hit — but this time the joke's on him

Analyze this: an 80-year-old worth maybe half a billion dollars is suing his ex-assistant over airmiles. Laugh? Everyone but De Niro will.

'Woke' schools axing kids' parties over inequality is a haunting new low 

One school district in New Jersey has canceled Halloween celebrations in schools over concerns of diversity, equality and inclusion — a real killjoy move.

Haters try to bring down Aussie-style sushi restaurant in NYC — because the owner is white

There’s no oppressor quite like a white immigrant woman selling sushi.

If Gen Z cheers Hamas, I shudder to think what they would do in another 9/11

After college students released statements denouncing Israel, held "fundravers" for intifada and glorified Hamas paragliders on posters, it begs the question: How they would react to a 9/11-style terror attack...

The triumphant rise and tragic fall of Mary Lou Retton, America's golden girl

"People say, 'She didn't have health insurance, she didn't have this or she didn't have that' ... We're here to help," said Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, who has donated $50,000...

Will and Jada pretend to be straight shooters—but only when they can profit from it

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed on Tuesday that she and husband Will Smith have lived apart for seven years — contradicting the portrait they've previously painted of their "complicated" marriage.

Spineless celebs aren't speaking out against attacks on Israel out of cowardice

The slaughter of at least 900 Jews in Israel and kidnapping of countless more has sadly triggered a relatively anemic response from the boldface social justice class.

LA is a parody of celebrity worship, using stars to teach kids about gender identity

LA schools will celebrate "National Coming Out Day" with a week-long curriculum to teach kids as young as kindergarteners about gender and sexual identity through the city's most exalted gods:...

Gender ideology meets reality when men pose as nonbinary to crash women's event

Score another one for the patriarchy! Florida's Grace Hopper Conference for women in tech was overrun by men who claimed to be nonbinary.

NFL, you're in your Taylor era now: Swift is sport's biggest star by far (and you can't shake it off)

Swift is definitely the first female NFL commissioner thanks to the Taylor Industrial Complex. But if Kelce fumbles, watch out — she'll be booed at Arrowhead.

Compassion is killing America's great cities, as lawmakers go easy on drugs and crime

Not the necessary kind of compassion that is touted in various religious scriptures. This is the cynical variety that is wielded as a political cudgel by the left.

Schools open new front in war with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy over right to know kids are trans

As many as 20 school districts are set to simply repeal a policy banning them from telling parents about their children. Murphy's administration accuses them of "forced outing."

The Spanish soccer kiss was bad, but the global obsession with it might be worse

Spanish soccer exec Luis Rubiales should never have kissed player Jenni Hermoso — but the world's obsession with it has eclipsed Spain's triumph as Women's World Cup champs.

'She did not want to leave her sons'—heartache of losing NY1's Ruschell Boone to cancer

"My friend was a Leo mother till the end. She did not want to leave her sons or her husband. But especially her two boys, who need to go on...