I got carbon monoxide poisoning — just by lighting candles in my room

She nearly blew it.

Emy Moore, who goes by @emymoore3 on TikTok, claims burning five scented candles in her room for several hours landed her in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I will never buy a scented candle ever again, for I am traumatized,” Moore told The Post on Thursday.

The West Coast content creator shared her harrowing experience in a 3-minute TikTok that has collected over 830,000 views this week.

“I had 5 candles lit, they burned for more than 10 hours in my room with the door shut all day, and I blew them out and went to sleep that night with the door shut,” Moore explained to The Post.

TikToker Emy Moore claims burning five scented candles in her room for several hours landed her in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

She said her body felt weird as she tried to get some shut-eye.

“I felt like my body dropped… like my body separated, like there was, like, two of me,” she confessed in her viral video, repeatedly calling the feeling “crazy.”

She started to “lose sense of myself” and hear voices.

Moore compared the sensation to smoking “the zaza, but bad,” referring to cannabis.

“I heard this voice being like, something is wrong, and I got up, and my chest was so caved in, and my heartbeat was just going, going, going,” she continued.

Moore knew it was time to get her parents involved, begging them to take her to the hospital.

“I woke up my parents like, ‘I need to go to the hospital,'” she recalled. “‘Something is very wrong.'”


never buying a candle EVER again

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The influencer says she started to lose sense of herself.

Having struggled with anxiety in the past, Moore knew this feeling was different.

She said she started to lose her memory and “forget how to speak,” as her tongue became stiff and numb.

She said she also experienced “dehydration/obnoxiously thirsty, confusion, blurry/double vision, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness/vertigo and headache.”

Once Moore checked into the hospital, she learned her blood pressure “was so freakin’ high.”

“Once I told [medics] how long I had [the candles] lit for,” they said, “‘Oh yeah, you could have for sure gotten carbon monoxide poisoning.'”

Moore said she was hooked to an oxygen machine for a few hours until her symptoms went away.

“Now I’m all good,” she shared. “I just needed to get fresh air.”

She praises God that the situation wasn’t worse.

Now, Moore is advising others to “prioritize your health. Don’t take things for granted.”

“And just take care of yourself. I will do a better job at doing that,” she vowed.

Moore admits she initially wanted a “cozy vibe.”
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TikTokers expressed concern for Moore and incredulity that she burned five candles at once.

“I’m glad you’re ok, but 5 candles AT ONCE??” one watcher questioned. “Girl I can [barely] handle the scent of 1 candle, but 5?”

Moore told The Post, “I just liked the cozy vibe and wanted to set the ambience HAHAHA. But I didn’t intend to leave them burning that long.”

Australian researcher Dr. Svetlana Stevanovic, a professor at Deakin University, also warns against burning scented candles, as they could pollute homes with toxic chemicals.

“Candles and any scents that are being emitted … are associated with the emission of volatile organic compounds and also small particles that stay in the air,” Stevanovic explained to local outlet 7News earlier this year, adding that the combustion process is releasing “particulates” that go “directly to our lungs.”

“It is well established that that is causing a range of different negative health effects,” she stated.