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Why TikTokers are fawning over Osama bin Laden

Massive TikTok influencers are racking up millions of views on videos openly praising the writings of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, calling them “mind-blowing” and “eye-opening.” 

Free speech is losing on campus — here's what we can do to save it

New data reveals just how censorious higher education has become and that it may only be getting worse.

Even by Biden's own flawed standards, he himself is a flagrant sexist

It’s long past time the public sees through the spin — and stops tolerating this blatant hypocrisy from the people who are supposed to be our leaders.

The ruinous miseducation of Gen Z, who actually believe America is worse off today

The average college student graduates with nearly $30,000 in debt. But if a stunning new poll is anything to go by, students shell out all those tuition dollars just to...

Millennials want woke pronoun censorship — but it would backfire

A plurality of millennials thinks “misgendering” — not using someone’s preferred pronouns — should be criminalized, according to a survey Newsweek published Saturday.

Sorry, Dems: 'Cruelty' isn't making people repay their student loans — it's making everyone else do it

College grads long ago recovered from the economic harms associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. So, asking college graduates to pay back what they owe is not “cruel” or “disappointing.” On...

As a gay man, I don't see the Supreme Court's ruling as infringing on my rights

The way I see it, the outcome of the Supreme Court's decision is exactly the outcome that all Americans, gay or straight, should want.

This Pride month, fellow gays, keep your kinks at home — and away from kids

Kink and fetish displays shouldn’t be welcome at Pride — and if they’re going to occur, we absolutely must demand they be limited to 18+ environments. And to the broader...

Free speech falls to the progressive mob after Riley Gaines is mobbed

We owe it not just to Riley Gaines but to the millions of college students currently being failed by the status quo to ensure our higher-education system is no longer...

Why Biden's backdoor student-debt bailout is a hot mess

What’s a president to do when courts keep blocking his plans for being flagrantly unconstitutional? Try to quietly backdoor the same agenda in through another channel, of course.

After a 15-year decline, more colleges have become hostile to free speech

The (college) kids are not alright.

Biden’s extension of the student-debt pause is profoundly unjust — and cravenly political

President Biden's student loan relief program will give doctors and lawyers thousands in benefits while leaving working-class Americans on the hook for billions more in taxes.

Biden's illegal student-loan bailout bought off Gen Z — and staved off a red wave

Student loan forgiveness may have just saved Democrats from a red wave — but it should go down in history as a deeply cynical political ploy and a national disgrace.

Why it's good news Gen Z puts chicken before social justice

Gen Zers claim to be very passionate about social justice. But it seems they’re even more passionate about crispy chicken nuggets and waffle potato fries.

Quiet quitting: Why Gen Z’s latest trend is setting it up for failure

“You’re lucky that an employee does their job. I’ve done so little at work before that it wasn’t ‘quietly quitting,’ it was technically robbing.”