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Dear Abby: My mother has lied about my birth father for 40 years

Dear Abby responds to a man whose mother lied to him about his birth father and a couple who wants to move but the wife's grandmother needs to be close...

Dear Abby: My boyfriend and I have a 16-year age difference and I caught him texting other women

Dear Abby weighs in on a struggling relationship and a gay man in a difficult work environment.

Dear Abby: My husband's hoarding habit put us into immeasurable debt

Dear Abby weighs in on a hoarding husband, a mother's new fiancè and a parent who needs her children to start acting their age.

Dear Abby: I refuse to go to the restaurant my father-in-law picked because of politics

Dear Abby weighs in on guest etiquette and finances while undergoing cancer treatment

Dear Abby: I went to a bereavement luncheon for my brother-in-law — it turned into a real estate pitch

Dear Abby weighs in on a deceased brother's estate and jealous siblings.

Dear Abby: The price of my friend's bachelorette party is outrageous

Dear Abby weighs in on an expensive bachelorette party and a long distance friendship.

Dear Abby: My grandsons bring women over when I'm reading

Dear Abby advises a grandma uncomfortable with her grandsons' actions and a woman afraid of her sister's bug-infested house.

Dear Abby: My mother bullies my disabled son because he can't walk

Dear Abby advises a mother whose own mother can't handle that her grandson is disabled and a husband insecure about his formerly adulterous wife.

Dear Abby: I am so done sending my ungrateful grandchildren presents

Dear Abby weighs in on the importance of a thank you card and online dating as an older adult.

Dear Abby: My husband is constantly screaming at his mother

Dear Abby advises a woman who has to deal with her husband's temper and his mother's wrath.

Dear Abby: I'm dying and I feel so guilty about what it's doing to my husband

Dear Abby weighs in on a wife with a chronic illness and an overbearing book club member.

Dear Abby: My husband is an abusive alcoholic

Dear Abby weighs in on an abusive husband, an aloof sister-in-law and how to hold someone accountable for their actions.

Dear Abby: My wife wants to cheat on me so she's asking for an 'open marriage'

Dear Abby weighs in on a potential open-marriage and a full-time mom looking for a divorce.

Dear Abby: My son made me sit in the cold for six hours between my cancer treatments

Dear Abby advises a woman who can't forgive her son and a young adult who doesn't want to enter the family business.

Dear Abby: My brother never told me that my ex-husband cheated on me

Dear Abby consults a mother who is tired of hosting her daughter's in-laws during the holidays and a wife whose brother held a secret that her ex-husband cheated on her.

Dear Abby: My sister's husband made a move on me, she still won't cut him off

DEAR ABBY: My sister, who is quite a bit older than me, was married to a man for more than 20 years. He was a part of my family from...

Dear Abby: My siblings cut me out of the family after my parents died

Dear Abby weighs in on estranged siblings and a mother who feels put on the spot.

Dear Abby: My relatives can't handle booze and may ruin a wedding

Dear Abby advises a family that is concerned about certain family members drinking too much and embarrassing them at an upcoming wedding.

Dear Abby: My wife keeps trying to have sex with me, I can't take it anymore

Dear Abby weighs in on the sex lives of older couples and a relationship falling apart.

Dear Abby: My new boyfriend gave me HIV

Dear Abby dishes on what to do if you find out your partner gave you HIV.