It has been months since Greta Gerwig's live-action Barbie movie hit theaters, but lifelong Barbie fans — us, included — are still in a full-blown Barbie frenzy. On top of the star-studded cast and a stellar soundtrack, there's so much Barbie merch to be excited about. That includes Mattel's official Barbie movie dolls collection inspired by cast members Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

If you missed the mad dash, you're in luck: There are new dolls available for pre-order and still a few limited-edition Barbie dolls left on shelves like the classic Barbie dressed in her "perfect day" pink gingham outfit. (FYI: You can check in-store product availability on the Walmart site.) Margot, herself, described her Barbie doll as “incredibly accurate to exactly the outfit I wear in the movie — right down to the little love heart on the shoes and the jewelry.”

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Mattel's Barbie line also includes two dolls modeled after Ryan's Ken. While the denim-clad doll with peek-a-boo "Ken" boxers has already sold out, there's a beach day doll complete with a matching surfboard still in stock on Amazon. You can also pre-order a Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken doll, wearing a long fur coat, fringe vest and bandana.

No matter which character you're buying, hang on to the collectible packaging, as it'll increase the value of your dolls should you ever decide to downsize your Barbie doll lineup. Due to the success of the film, the toys' resale value has been skyrocketing as soon as they sell out.

In addition to collectible dolls (which range from $25 to $90), the line includes other staples, like this Barbie Dreamhouse that looks identical to the one in the film. Or, our personal favorite: a game of Barbie-themed UNO that you can grab for under $7. There's also an entire Amazon storefront of officially licensed Barbie tees for less than $25.

Now that the Barbie movie is the highest-grossing film of 2023, demand for Barbie dolls (or frankly anything hot pink) is at an all-time high. If Halle Bailey's Little Mermaid dolls taught us anything, it's that these collectible Barbies will be even harder to get your hands on now that the movie is out. Better to add them to your Amazon cart now than to be sorry once they're gone forever!

'Barbie the Movie' Ken Doll
Mattel 'Barbie the Movie' Ken Doll
$25 at Amazon$25 at Walmart
Remote Control Barbie Corvette
Hot Wheels Remote Control Barbie Corvette
Credit: Amazon
Barbie Dreamhouse
Mattel Barbie Dreamhouse
Credit: Walmart
UNO 'Barbie the Movie' Card Game
Mattel Games UNO 'Barbie the Movie' Card Game
Barbie The Album
Barbie The Album
Credit: Amazon
Heart Crest T-Shirt
Barbie Heart Crest T-Shirt
Credit: Amazon

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