Phil Mushnick

Phil Mushnick

About the Columnist

Phil Mushnick has been the New York Post's television and radio columnist since 1982. His Equal Time column runs twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays. A native of Staten Island, Mushnick joined The Post in 1973 as a copy boy before being promoted to a reporter and covering the New York Cosmos and New Jersey Nets. Mushnick's no-holds barred commentary has taken on some of the biggest individuals, teams and companies in the sports world, most notably Vince McMahon and the WWE and Phil Knight and Nike.

The Archive

Lil Wayne entry sends sports TV past point of no return

You don't think I’m tired of writing this stuff, too?

TV broadcasts are focused on all the wrong things

By now one would think that the head of every network’s sports division would have long ago insisted that his or her charges promote the games rather than what’s killing...

Gimmicky in-season tournament can't hide this ugly fact about NBA

Given that they’re fooling no one except the few fools left who can afford to be suckered, it’s time to cut it out.

Antonio Pierce's promotion to Raiders head coach an embarrassment for NFL

A more discriminate, cautious chief executive would not have allowed this, and the Raiders, knowing that Goodell would never indulge such, wouldn’t have even tried it. 

Roger Goodell's shameless PSL-hocking ways are his latest money grab

Not that many noticed, but there it was: the collision of Roger Goodell’s media-compliant, make-it-up-as-he-slithers-along, $70 million per reign.

Sports overrun with worst of fans, media, leadership

Why bother trying to hide the conspicuous? Why not at least try, “Cut it out or get out”? But nothing. Pretend there’s no problem and carry on.

Common sense doesn't exist for television-wrecking sports broadcasters

Now that we’ve identified the indisputable — TV spends 10 times more to make telecasts 10 times worse — what do we do about it?

Memorable car ride with late Orioles icon still seems impossible

I wound up with Fran Healy, Harmon Killebrew, Ralph Kiner and Brooks Robinson in my old man’s Chrysler. Mushnick’s Believe It Or Not.

High-priced sports analysts don’t know when to shut up

If TV networks weren’t proud of their profound ignorance and fiscal insanity, their offices wouldn’t be large or gaudy — they’d be like broom closets.

Radio and TV sports broadcasters simply aren't doing a good job

Sports media announcers have completely lost the plot, The Post's Phil Mushnick writes.

Safety becomes the latest reasonable standard trampled by NFL

And to think that the only mortal danger of the “NFL Experience” used to be getting run over by “a fan” driving home loaded.

ESPN’s 'guerilla' tactics are not same for every announcer

They fired him. Right after the telecast last Friday night. They told him to get out and stay out. It had to be done. Wait, they didn't.

Another analytics lover in the Bronx would be disastrous move for Yankees

So the speculation has begun on who will replace Yankees manager Aaron Boone next season, when and if the team humanely releases him from his and fans’ misery.

Sportsbook company desecrates memory of 9/11, and it's met with silence

Our sports have become so warped that the natural moral outrage that should shame the perpetrators has been replaced by a distant whisper.

This NFL analyst painfully loves to hear himself talk

Even in our little multi-billion dollar world of sports, common sense has been lost as a matter of policy and imagined populism.

The device every fan needs to deal with sports media insanity

I’ve at last found a remedy for the preposterous stuff we hear and see while trying to endure modern sports.

Absurd US Open practice shows enjoying sports growing more difficult, costly

From trying to get an affordable U.S. Open experience to watching the big-pocket Mets sulk at the bottom of the league, sports are growing increasingly harder to watch.

Sports broadcasts continually choose stupidity over logic

Welcome to “Fat Chance,” the sports game show that punishes common sense and rewards ignorance!

Football's return brings back this insufferable byproduct

Welcome to last season. And all the seasons before that.

Sports keeps barreling toward its inevitable end

It’s the equivalent of watching sports fade to darkness in the grip of the grim reaper. There’s nothing we can do about it, so why fight it?