Glimpses, a collaborative exhibition, prides itself on bringing together scientists and artists to both exhibit the beauty that is often overlooked in empirical fields, and also to make such complexities accessible to larger audiences.


The Center for Global Sea Level Change at New York University Abu Dhabi used software and mathematical models to predict the status of Abu Dhabi’s shoreline up to the year 2300. The software takes into consideration high emissions scenarios and around 1500 “frames” of data were extracted that describe the incremental change in shoreline over time.

I was tasked with consolidating this information, creating an installation that creates access to an intricate system of mathematical models and specialized climate science knowledge. As such, I created a projection installation that uses the extracted frames to create a video that carefully describes the sequence of topographical changes over time. This projection was overlayed on top of a CNC milled wooden table of the topography of Abu Dhabi scaled to 2 meters long.



The highlight of this projected involved installing and editing files on site. Using batch commands in photoshop I was able to edit hundreds of frames simultaneously, making careful decisions on graphics editing and curating textual information.

Screenshots of the batch command.

Some frames projected and transitioning.

October 21, 2019